American Nurse and Child Kidnapped in Haiti

An American nurse and her infant were abduct in Haiti. It is stated with the aid of using El Roi Haiti, the Christian humanitarian resource organization she labor for. Alix Dorsainvil is the spouse of El Roi Haiti Director Sandro Dorsainvil. They and their toddler had been kidnap at the same time. It is serving of their network ministry at the organization’s campus close to Port-au-Prince, the capital metropolis of Haiti.  The US government are aware about the scenario. They are participating with Haitian government and interagency companions to cope with the incident.

A Compassionate Nurse Serving Haiti

Alix Dorsainvil, at first from New Hampshire, had moved to Haiti after her husband invited her to offer nursing take care of kids at a Haitian school. As a deeply compassionate individual, Alix considered Haiti her home and the Haitian human beings her pals and family. She has been tirelessly running as a college and network nurse for El Roi Haiti, bringing comfort to the ones in want and serving the human beings of Haiti withinside the call of Jesus.

US Authorities Involved in the Case

Upon learning of the abductions, US authorities promptly took action. They are actively collaborating with Haitian authorities and interagency partners to address the situation. The safety and security of US citizens overseas remain a top priority for the US Department of State and its embassies and consulates worldwide.


The abduction of an American nurse and her child in Haiti has raised serious concerns about their safety and well-being. Alix Dorsainvil’s dedication to serving the Haitian people and providing nursing care in the name of Jesus reflects her deep compassion and commitment. US authorities are actively involve in the case, emphasizing the importance of the safety and security of US citizens abroad. The situation remains closely monitor as efforts are make to ensure the safe return of Alix Dorsainvil and her child.